Weltausstellung EXPO 2022

Die polnische Stadt Łódź bewirbt sich um die Ausrichtung der Weltausstellung EXPO 2022.


Das Leitthema der Bewerbung ist die Revitalisierung der urbanen Gebiete, das Motto lautet „City Re:Invented“. Łódź ist zusammen mit Minneapolis (USA) und Buenos Aires (Argentinien) in die engste Wahl gekommen. Die Entscheidung über den Gastgeber für die EXPO 2022 wird im Rahmen der 162. Generalversammlung des Bureau International des Expositions im November 2017 getroffen. 
Łódź ist heute nach Warschau und Krakau die drittgrößte Stadt Polens. Die kulturelle und wirtschaftliche Blüte erlebte die Stadt im 19 Jh., als sie zu einem der wichtigsten europäischen Standorte der Textilindustrie wurde. 1904 gab es schon 546 Fabriken in der Stadt, die ca. 70.000 Arbeitnehmer beschäftigten. Im Laufe des 20. Jahrhunderts geriet die Stadt in eine tiefe Krise. Die Textilfabriken mussten schließen, die Investoren zogen weg. Die einstigen Prachtbauten standen großteils leer. In den letzten Jahren begann man mit der Revitalisierung der alten Industriegebäude. Die verfallenen Fabriken wurden neu interpretiert und in moderne Einkaufszentren, Museen, Designstandorte, Hotels und Lofts umgewandelt.

Bei der Bewerbung für die Expo International zählt auch die günstige Lage von Łódź im Zentrum Europas. Im Umkreis von rund 500 Kilometern befinden sich insgesamt neun Metropolen wie Warschau, Prag, Berlin oder Wien.

Für ein paar Impressionen von der Stadt bieten sich die YT-Videos an:





The Republic of Poland and the City of Łódź are seeking to host the EXPO International Exhibition in 2022. The exhibition will focus on urban renewal and associated universal challenges facing cities all over the world. The proposed theme of the Exhibition is ‘City Re:Invented’. The Exhibition would take place between 15 June and 15 September 2022 and last 3 months.

EXPO will tackle contemporary issues – renewal of urban areas is a topic of vital and urgent importance to all countries in the world. Every country and society is currently facing
increasing challenges resulting from ongoing urbanisation processes. According to OECD’s estimates, two-thirds of Earth’s population will live in cities by 2050. Each country has its own experiences in this regard, some cities have to deal with issues of a post-industrial nature, others must battle infrastructural, environmental or social problems. However, each and every
one country must face the challenges resulting from the development or transformation of their cities. Such problems are particularly evident in Łódź, which is why we decided to
renew the inner city zone to give new functions to former industrial areas and the old city centre. Richer in experiences gained thanks to this process, we decided to initiate a global
debate devoted to the issues facing cities and methods of combating them, while showing the entire world how we transformed Polish cities and the entire country after the fall of
communism. The theme of EXPO 2022 to be held in Łódź has been devised and defined in order to make it very specific and based in the global and local reality on the one hand, and
multi-faceted and flexible in its message on the other.

EXPO will complement its surroundings – the location chosen for the Exhibition perfectly fits its themes. The Exhibition will take place in Europe’s largest urban renewal zone, which
will allow us to show how the themes tackled during the exhibition are applied to ‘living tissue’.

EXPO will be held in the city centre – a return to the EXPO’s roots and traditions of the World’s Fair. Łódź will be able to hold the Exhibition in the very heart of the city, in the zone
of the New Centre of Łódź and the newly-constructed Łódź-Fabryczna railway station.

EXPO will blend in with the urban tissue – holding the EXPO in the inner city will allow the full use of structures built for the purposes of EXPO after the Exhibition. 86% of
infrastructure built for the purposes of the Exhibition will become a permanent part of Łódź.
The remaining 14% will be processed and used in other locations. EXPO will be smart and sustainable – holding the Exhibition in Poland fits the current trends: smart city, high quality of urban life, sustainable transport, green cities, culture of leisure and inhabitant-friendly cities.

All dimensions of urban renewal - City and urban renewal themes are very important for all potential participants – given the influx of people into urban agglomerations, it is of the utmost importance to manage cities and address upcoming challenges. If a city needs renewal, it often does not go deeper than one-dimensional post-industrial or social regeneration. The theme of reconstruction and urban revival require a comprehensive approach, and this is how it will be during EXPO in Łódź. The issue of sharing urban renewal expertise will also be handled in a comprehensive manner. The experience presented during the Exhibition can be used by everyone – from leading government decision-makers, through self-government authorities interested in urban topics, to large and small non-governmental organisations, foundations, associations as well as scientific and business communities. EXPO is a place where you can gain knowledge that you can share with others, for the benefit of your own community and yourself.

Cultural exchange/ Implementation of joint artistic projects - EXPO 2022 offers a chance for participating countries to present not only their urban renewal achievements but also
cultural heritage. EXPO encourages the countries collaborating in the area of culture, cultural residency, cultural education, and cooperation between institutions of higher artistic education (art, film, theatre and youth exchange programmes) to take up the topic and negotiate agreements.

Promotional value equivalent - EXPO holds the attention of the social community for a couple of months, not only the visitors of the Exhibition, but also lead politicians, academic
circles, enterprises. EXPO participants – countries, cities, regions, and corporations remain objects of media attention all around the world. EXPO is a great opportunity to present yourself, your achievements, products/solutions to the whole world.

Economic promotion/ business networking - Following numerous business events organised during EXPO 2022, Poland and Łódź will become a depository of numerous business contacts to companies and corporations from all over the world that are interested in cooperating in areas and industries related to urban renewal. It is an opportunity for other countries and cities to execute their own urban renewal projects as part of public and private partnerships, B2B, around the world.

Getting to the Exhibition will be easy- Łódź has a very convenient location, in the centre of Poland, on the intersection of two motorways and several railway routes. The city has access
to two airports – one operating in the city and the Warsaw Chopin Airport, the second largest airport in the region (after Prague). The transportion accessibility of the EXPO site itself is very good; it is located right next to the newly erected multi-modal station, surrounded by tramway and bus routes.

The Exhibition will contribute to the development of urban renewal projects around the world - Urban renewal projects need Change Leaders, who initiate a project, begin
cooperation above divisions, propose interesting, out-of-the-box solutions. EXPO 2022 in Łódź will become an excellent platform for sharing ideas and experiences, and the participants can later use the acquired knowledge in their own countries.

What’s more, Poland is a large, politically and economically stable country, located in the very heart of Central and Eastern Europe. Hosting the Exhibition and the years prior to 2022 spent on preparing for the event will be a chance for countries in Europe and beyond to establish business relations, taking advantage of the creativity, inventiveness and business
acumen of Poles. The following countries are also seeking to host EXPO 2022/23:

• USA, Minneapolis – Exhibition date: 15 May – 15 August 2023, theme: “Wellness and Well Being for All: Healthy People, Healthy Planet”,

• Argentina, Buenos Aires – Exhibition date: 15 January - 15 April 2023, theme: “Science, novation, Art and Creativity for the Human Development”.

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